Maya's Solutions for the 20th Ward

I am a hard-working, proud product of Chicago's Southside. I have a real understanding of the complex challenges confronting 20th Ward families. I'm deeply rooted and vested in the 20th Ward. I bought my home here in 2004.  I'm a mother with a 11-year old son who is growing up in the Ward. I’m a committed neighbor who has been hard at work pushing to improve the quality of life in inner city neighborhoods for the last ten years.

As Alderman, I wish to use my experience, talents and passion to immediately establish a Ward office that is service oriented. Everyday ordinary people have a hard time getting help with issue impacting our daily quality of life. The ward's Constituents Services Manager will have a "one call access" mindset about solving our families' problems.


The most pressing issue facing our 20th Ward families is the combination of:

Decades of Disinvestment

Since 1960, neighborhoods in the 20th Ward have experienced an outmigration of residents

Low Household Incomes

Household earnings are at or below poverty (i.e. family of 4 earning less than $25,100) 

High Rates of Crime

"When neighbors know each and are more active on blocks, then it diminishes opportunities for crime."

Under-Resourced Schools

"Higher rates of population loss in 20th Ward runs a fowl  with families' fundamental right to access schools where children receive the best education possible."


High Integrity ~ Passion ~ Experience

Maya Hodari for 20th Ward Alderman

804 E. 64th Street, Chicago, IL  60637


(312) 451-4284

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A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is  (or will be) available on the Board's official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.