Increased Safety & Crime Reduction

I propose the following 3-fold strategy to reduce violent crime:


  1. Improve residents, access to economic opportunity (permanent & construction jobs) or income via small business development. Additionally, we should continue small business contracting opportunities through the Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy (CASE) initiative.

  2. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) should continue recruitment and hire of minority police officers. At the same time, CPD must increase the positive community engagement of Beat Officers to begin to gain public trust over time. [To further underscore the importance of this, currently, less than 17% of homicide cases are solved. Typically, these cases will not be solved without witness testimony. This requires the trust between community and police.]

  3. Expand and/or increase neighbor to neighbor connections, relationships, events, beautification/clean & green initiatives. When neighbors know each and are more active on blocks, then it diminishes opportunities for crime.


High Integrity ~ Passion ~ Experience

Maya Hodari for 20th Ward Alderman

804 E. 64th Street, Chicago, IL  60637


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