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Maya's Story

Maya Hodari has 17 years experience implementing neighborhood revitalization programs.  She is a proud product of the Southside and consistently advocates for investment initiatives in the 20th Ward neighborhoods.  After decades of disinvestment, she stepped up in support of the Obama Presidential Center as a salute to this country's first African American President and as a vehicle to bring jobs plus more opportunities to the 20th Ward.

She is a lot like many of you who live in the 20th Ward.  As a single mother, she worries about her 11-year old son’s safety and the quality of his education.  As a working person, she is concerned about the high rate of taxes and the other expenses and feesthat seem to nickel and dime citizens to death.  She knows our working families deserve job opportunities with livable wages.  She knows small businesses are essential to revitalizing our neighborhoods.  And, as a neighbor, she would like to see people working in middle-class jobs and opening small businessesto help re-vitalize our community.

Maya is running for Alderman because our 20th Ward families have been starving for opportunity for far too long.  She is fighting to restore our once thriving 20th Ward for all of us after decades of disinvestment.  She knows how to balance community-sensitive housing development and the needs of businesses.  She is a thoughtful activist who advocates for people.  She's a professional.  She's your neighbor with a plan to transform the blight.


Elect Maya Hodari and together we will:


REPLACE THE BLIGHT - Bring new housing and jobs to the 20th Ward.

ATTRACT INVESTMENT that will encourage neighbors to stay as well as working families to come back home to the 20th Ward.

RENEW TRUST & HOPE of 20th Ward neighbors.

Let’s Raise our Voices and Cast our Votes for Maya Hodari on February 26th


High Integrity ~ Passion ~ Experience

Maya Hodari for 20th Ward Alderman

804 E. 64th Street, Chicago, IL  60637


(312) 451-4284

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